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S 66 is Sen. Feinstein's latest bill to ban your firearms, and it is her most freedom-infringing version yet.

S66 would not only ban the sale, manufacture, transfer, and importation of so-called "military-style assault weapons" like ARs and AKs, but also "high-capacity" magazines. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there...

Other provisions of the bill include:

  • A ban on stocks that are "otherwise foldable or adjustable in a manner that operates to reduce the length, size, or any other dimension, or otherwise enhances the concealability of a firearm"
  • A requirement that "grandfathered assault weapons are stored using a secure gun storage or safety device like a trigger lock"
  • A ban on bump stocks and "other devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire at fully automatic rates"
  • A prohibition on the transfer of "high-capacity" magazines
  • A ban on "Thordsen-type grips and stocks that are designed to evade a ban on assault weapons"
  • A ban on "assault pistols that weigh 50 or more ounces when unloaded" a.k.a. AR pistols
  • A ban on "assault pistol stabilizing braces that transform assault pistols into assault rifles"

This legislation would put the Second Amendment in grave danger, but we can defeat it if we work together.

Please send a message to Congress using FPC's Take Action tools and urge them to vote NO on S 66. This is a time-sensitive matter, so act now.

You may not remember, but Difi successfully passed an "assault weapons" ban once before - we CANNOT let her do it again this year!

That’s why we need YOU to step up and help us defeat this unconstitutional legislation once and for all.