Gun bills to be scoped by Ohio legislative committee this week


The Ohio legislature is considering several bills which would advance gun rights Ohio residents. Jeremy Pelzer for reports:

Three of the bills before the House State Government Committee would significantly roll back Ohio’s gun laws, including:

  • House Bill 35, which would make it a first-degree felony for law enforcement officers or others to enforce any new gun bans or firearm registration requirements. It would also prohibit local governments from establishing a firearm registry.
  • House Bill 48, which would allow concealed handguns to be taken into a wide variety of places, including churches, day-care centers, state buildings, and airports outside security checkpoints. It would further allow concealed-carry permit holders to take handguns into school safety zones if the firearms are left in the car, and public and private universities and colleges would also be given the choice of allowing concealed handguns on campus.
  • House Bill 152, which would allow anyone in Ohio who is 21 or older to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, as long as they’re allowed to own the gun.

The story notes that each of these bills were introduced by Republican legislators. For the rest of the story visit