URGENT: Stand Up for Gun Rights in 2017! Join the FPC Grassroots Army Today

Donald Trump’s win means the Supreme Court is potentially back in play — and that federal gun control is likely off the table (for now).

But that’s not stopping powerful anti-gun billionaires from spending millions of dollars to pass even more restrictive gun control laws at the state and local level. (Especially in historically pro-gun states like Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.)

To stop those attacks, every pro-gun patriot — like YOU — will need to stand up for your Second Amendment rights at every opportunity.

Watch the short video below to hear our chief lobbyist, Craig DeLuz, explain the value of an FPC membership and why he needs YOU on his team:



And your FPC Team will be fighting hard to defend the Second Amendment in 2017, just like we did in 2016. Yes, WE will be taking on the planned “West Coast Wall” of gun control laws head-on.

But to be successful we will need an ARMY of strong gun rights activists and gun owners like YOU standing with us.

That’s why we need you to join the FPC Grassroots Army TODAY.

Please, stand with us and help us fight the tough battles in the trenches next year. Join FPC today!