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Orlando Sentinel: Florida Democrats to Push Gun Background Check Bill

More gun control coming out of the Sunshine State. Via the Orlando Sentinel: Democratic legislators continue to press for more gun control measures in the wake of last week’s shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Fort Lauderdale, announced Tuesday his plans to... Read More New Hampshire Constitutional Carry Legislation Passes Out of Committee

Great news out of New Hampshire! Via A new constitutional carry bill was successfully voted out of committee Tuesday by the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill, SB 12, sponsored by Republican Sen. Jeb Bradley and written to remove the license requirement in... Read More

WBTW: SC Congressman Aims to Ease Gun Suppressor Restrictions

What do you think of the Hearing Protection Act? Via WBTW: A Congressman from the Upstate wants to make it easier to buy sound suppressors for firearms, sometimes called silencers. Representative Jeff Duncan (R) – along with Representative John Carter from Texas – says the... Read More Massachusetts Gun Shop Hit with $35K in Fines and Fees for Selling Glocks

Ma. A.G Maura Healey is at it again. Via State Attorney General Maura Healey’s office and a Worcester gun dealer have settled a case that involved selling handguns that were not Massachusetts-compliant. The Gun Parlor has agreed to end sales of handguns that do... Read More
Gun Free Zone

The Blaze: Over 98% of Mass Shootings Occurred on Gun-Free Zones, Research Shows

Gun free zones should really be called target rich environments… Via The Blaze: On the heels of the shooting in Fort Lauderdale that took the lives of five people, a new report has surfaced with some breathtaking statistics about where mass shootings take place. According... Read More

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Lawmaker Proposes to Allow Gun Owners to Carry Concealed Weapons Without a Permit

A new Constitutional Carry bill has been introduced in Utah. Via the Salt Lake Tribune: The Legislature and Gov. Gary Herbert may be headed for another shootout over whether to allow Utah gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Rep. Lee Perry, R-Perry,... Read More

The Resurgent: Donald Trump Jr. Helping Lead Charge to Deregulate Gun Silencers

“Not surprisingly, gun control advocates have responded to this move negatively suggesting criminals and potential mass shooters will carry out their attacks in an easier manner if silencers are deregulated. Typical. Perhaps if they studied mechanics and actually learned how to operate firearms, they wouldn’t... Read More

Washington Times: Gun Regulation Proposals Converge on New Mexico Legislature

The battle is brewing in New Mexico. Via Washington Times: Currents in the national debate over gun regulations are converging on New Mexico as the state Legislature prepares to meet. A Republican state lawmaker pre-filed legislation this week to allow people to carry a concealed... Read More WaPo Ranks ‘Gun Control’ as Winning Political Issue in 2016

It worked so well for Hillary… Via The Washington Post ranked gun control as a winning issue for Democrats after last year’s election saw ballot initiatives pass in three of the four states they were proposed, but recent happenings may undermine that success in... Read More

The Blaze: Anti-gun Activists Won’t Be Happy about Eagles QB Carson Wentz’s Christmas Gift to his Offensive Line

“Anti-gun activists are already creating an uproar about the gifts, expressing concern that NFL teams have been marred by a handful of players who have run into problems with the law.” Via The Blaze: The rookie quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles decided this holiday season... Read More