Stand for the Second Amendment in New Jersey

You’re making a difference! Governor Chris Christie just issued a conditional veto against two terrible anti-gun bills, A.3689 and S.816. A conditional veto is when the governor vetoes a bill sent to him by the legislature and amends it into something he is willing to... Read More
Domestic abusers are being asked to turn in firearms

Buy Guns Tax-Free in These States

If you live in one of these states, you'd better buy now!... Read More
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Hollywood’s Latest Anti-2A Movie Has Flopped Before It’s Even Released

"Hollywood's leftist propaganda arm has been hard at work trying to convince people that taking away second amendment rights can be a fun, lighthearted thing to do."... Read More
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Watch FPC Defend Your Rights

"The fact that we have a bill here where the body that's passing it has ignored its own rules is the very definition of a tyrannical government."... Read More

Confronting Deadly School Violence: Teaching Teachers how to Shoot Back

Ohio teachers are taking the initiative and receiving training in order to defend their students. Via WLWT: WLWT News 5 investigative reporter Todd Dykes discovered a growing number of educators are now carrying guns in the classroom. But in most cases, parents have no idea.... Read More
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A #WearOrange Politician Gets Caught Dealing Drugs In The Most Outrageous Way

You can’t make this up. Fairfax City (VA) Mayor R. Scott Silverthorne has everything a gun grabber could ask for. He’s a mayor of a prominent Washington, D.C. suburb, a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and her anti-gun agenda. Now, he’s headed to likely prison after... Read More

‘No Way’ Assault Weapons Bans Pass ‘Rational Basis’ Legal Scrutiny, FPC Study Finds

A paper funded by The Calguns Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition examining whether Assault Weapons Bans can survive ‘rational basis’ scrutiny in the courts has been published in ConLawNOW. The author, Clayton Cramer, is a noted historian whose work was cited in both District of... Read More
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Gun Raffle Resumes AfterGun Grabbers’ Efforts Foiled

A United Way chapter in New Mexico will begin resuming raffling firearms to raise money after it received permission from its worldwide office. The New Mexico chapter had paused the raffle due to outcry from gun control advocates who criticized the background checks winners must undergo as... Read More
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Anti-Gun Researcher Uses Senior Citizens to Promote Gun Confiscation

Shannon Frattaroli, a researcher at the John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, recently wrote a report alleging that senior citizens are at danger by owning guns and that the California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders should be used as an avenue to confiscate their guns. Frattaroli... Read More

FIRE MISSION: They are Pricing You out of Your Rights…

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) is trying to price you out of fundamental rights. That’s the only excuse for AB 450. McCarty’s bill that would explode fees to get or renew concealed carry permits all across California. McCarty’s bill would force some regular, law-abiding Californians to lie defenseless because... Read More