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Bill/Issue: MO HB 87 - “No Fly” Gun Ban

  • Position: Opposed
  • Author: Rep. Beck (D-92)

Summary: HB 87 would make it a class D felony to possess a firearm if you are on the “No Fly” list. It would also make it a class E felony to knowingly transfer a firearm to a person on the “No Fly” list. HB 87 is a highly dangerous bill because the “No Fly” list is not an infallible list of actual terrorists. It is quite common for a normal person to be placed on this list because of an issue with their name. The “No Fly” list is also a subjective list of groups and people that is made up by a group that may have a political bias or agenda. What HB 87 would do is allow the government to erroneously or intentionally take guns away from people and groups who they didn’t like.  

UPDATE: Victory for the Second Amendment! HB 87 failed!