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Summary: Federal constitutional challenge to New Jersey speech crime statutes about "3-D gun" information and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal's Orwellian and tyrannical enforcement practices

Plaintiffs: Defense Distributed, Brandon Combs, Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, Second Amendment Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees

Defendants: New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal

Litigation Counsel: Chad Flores, Daniel Hammond, Hannah Roblyer (Beck Redden LLP); Daniel L. Schmutter (Hartman & Winnicki, P.C.); Professor Josh M. Blackman (South Texas College of Law)

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Key Events & Filings:

2019-3-20: Hearing on Motion for Preliminary Injunction (10:00 a.m.)

2019-3-11: Reply in support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction due

2019-3-6: Defendant's opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunction due

2019-2-20: Plaintiffs' Amended Motion for Preliminary Injunction

2019-2-20: Plaintiffs' First Amended Complaint

2019-2-20: Deadline to amend complaint and brief in support of Motion for Preliminary Injunction

2019-2-14: Letter from Plaintiffs to Attorney General Gurbir Grewal

2019-2-14: Order regarding Motion for Preliminary Injunction (setting hearing for March 20, 2019)

2019-2-12: Letter from Defendant AG Grewal to Judge Anne E. Thompson

2019-2-5: Motion for TRO and Preliminary Injunction

2019-2-5: Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive ReliefDeclaration of Brandon Combs; Declaration of Paloma Heindorf; Code Is Free Speech Takedown; DD Cease Order

Related Press Releases:

2019-2-5: After Threat of Prosecution, Free Speech Advocates Seek Restraining Order Against New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit


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