Summary: Federal Second and Fourteenth Amendment lawsuit challenging Allegheny County Sheriff William P. Mullen's, Allegheny County's, and State of Pennsylvania's laws, policies, and enforcement practices that infringe the right to bear arms, including but not limited to the complete closure of the ACSO Firearms Division purportedly due to the COVID coronavirus

Plaintiffs: Emily Cowey; Chelsea Schmidt; Alan Booth; and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC)

Defendants: Allegheny County Sheriff William P. Mullen; Allegheny County; Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Robert Evanchick

Litigation Counsel: FPC Director of Legal Strategy Adam Kraut; Raymond DiGuiseppe; Joshua Prince

Docket: W.D. PA case no. 2:20-cv-01845 | CourtListener Docket

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Key Events & Filings:

2021-2-17: Order Granting Joint Motion to Dismiss

2021-2-17: Joint Motion to Dismiss

2020-12-3: Motion for Preliminary Injunction

2020-11-28: Complaint

Related News Releases:

2021-2-17: FPC Lawsuit Results in Win for Second Amendment Rights, 1.2 Million Allegheny County Residents

2020-12-3: FPC Files Motion for Injunction Against Pennsylvania & Allegheny County Sheriff To End Handgun Carry Ban

2020-11-28: FPC Sues Allegheny County Sheriff William P. Mullen, County of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, and PSP Commissioner Evanchick Over Handgun Carry Laws and Licensing