Last night, Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to advance some of the worst gun control bills ever proposed.

Here are the bills that are now moving toward a full House vote:

  • HR 1236 - Gun confiscation legislation that could send the SWAT team to your door
  • HR 1186 - Would ban your magazines
  • HR 2708 - Would deny people convicted of vaguely-defined misdemeanor "hate crimes" their Second Amendment rights

Members of the committee also say they expect these anti-freedom bills to reach the floor in a matter of weeks!

This now sets up a confrontation in the Senate that we MUST win at all costs.

The Democrat-controlled House is likely to ramrod these measures through the lower chamber in a sham vote.

Take Action to Stop These Gun Control Bills Now

Meaning our best chance to stop Congress from banning your magazines and seizing your firearms is to convince the Senate GOP to act.

These next few weeks will be critical. In all likelihood, the anti-gunners will undertake a historic blitz to sway weak Republicans to their cause.

And Pres. Trump is set to meet with gun grabbers to discuss the types of gun control he might support TODAY!

Which means we have to fight back like our fundamental rights are on the line; because they are.

Please contact Pres. Trump and the Senate - RIGHT NOW - and let them know that any attempts to infringe on your rights will have grave political consequences.

The anti-gunners think think they've won and that it's only a matter of time until you no longer have any self-defense rights of any kind.

Prove them wrong by flooding Senate offices and the White House with so many calls that they cannot ignore the will of American gun owners.

Take Action to Stop These Gun Control Bills Now