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Bill/Issue: "Red Flag" laws, "Assault Weapons" Ban, Magazine Ban & Universal Background Checks

  • Position: OPPOSED

The FPC team in DC received important intel this morning regarding gun control meetings at the White House. 

According to White House Legislative Affairs personnel, Republican Senators are coming to the White House today to discuss a wide range of gun control proposals.

What's more, we were informed that these Senators need to hear from Second Amendment supporters TODAY.

The anti-gunners are circling the wagons to pass expanded background checks, an "Assault Weapons" ban, Magazine Ban, "Red Flag" gun confiscation laws, and more.

Indeed, Sen. Joe Manchin recently told reporters that White House staff are expected to take a gun control plan to Pres. Trump this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Senate Democrats also plan to brief Trump this week, and expect him to possibly reach a decision soon.

That's why it's imperative that you contact these Senators and Pres. Trump and let them know you won't stand for more gun control.

Contact them now using our Take Action tools and inform them that voting in favor of more gun control would be political suicide.

As we have said many times before, these unconstitutional proposals would absolutely gut the Second Amendment.

We CANNOT allow them to pass.

So please Take Action NOW to stop them!


Red Flag Laws

Red flag laws stand for the proposition that gun owners can have their rights and property taken from them – by force – on the basis of allegations without the government having even reasonable suspicion, let alone probable cause or constitutionally sufficient adjudication.

If the government does not have probable cause for an arrest or search warrant, a material basis upon which to subject a person to a mental health evaluation, or even “reasonable suspicion” to support the detention of an individual, then the government surely has not met its burden for taking away a person’s fundamental, individual rights and lawfully-acquired property.

Assault Weapons Ban

Such legislation would almost certainly result in a ban on nearly all rifles. Under current anti-gunner logic, just about any semi-automatic rifle could be considered an "assault weapon" and banned!

What's more, leading Democrats are calling for "buybacks" in parallel with the ban. However, as we've said before, it is impossible for the government to "buy back" property it never owned in the first place.

“The government cannot ‘buy back’ firearms it never owned in the first place,” said FPC President Brandon Combs. “The people of the United States would not comply with a total ban or submit their property for destruction. It’s just not going to happen. Politicians are talking about gun bans for attention and free media exposure just like mass killers do.”

Magazine Ban

As we have noted many times, any attempt to restrict standard-capacity magazines would only result in millions of Americans being rendered more unsafe. 

What's more, there is no basis in law or historical tradition that would support such a ban.

“Such firearms and magazines are constitutionally protected today, period," said FPC President Brandon Combs. "Time and technological evolution do not change the fundamental nature or the scope of constitutional rights against government infringement.”

Universal Background Checks

Background checks are unconstitutional and they do not work. Criminals have consistently passed such checks and then gone on to commit heinous crimes. Therefore, only law-abiding gun owners will be subject to this scheme.

Most disturbingly, however, universal background checks would effectively create a backdoor national "gun registry" the federal government intimate knowledge of your firearms. And as we know, a registry can be a prelude to confiscation. Coupled with proposed "Red Flag' laws, universal background checks would create the perfect storm and just the opportunity the government is looking for to take away your guns.

Universal background checks will not improve public safety. But they will infringe on the fundamental rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Oppose all of these gun control proposals

Politicians should not be rewarded for taking advantage of emotion and tragedy by passing even more senseless gun control. Indeed, FPC recently noted in a statement:

"It is disingenuous and immoral to ratify and incent evil acts of the very few by responding in kind with broad restrictions on the fundamental human rights of the People that pre-exist government itself. We will not accept this as a means of affecting change in a free society. The loss of human lives will always affect and change us, but they must never be allowed to alter our fundamental principles, freedoms, and commitment to individual liberty."

Please contact President Trump and the Senate and tell them you oppose "Red Flag" laws, Universal Background Checks, an "Assault Weapons" Ban, and a Magazine Ban.