Just days after the Firearms Policy Coalition defeated the 1-in-30 firearms mandate by forcing amendments to SB 1100, Senator Anthony Portantino pulled a classic “gut and amend” Friday by reintroducing the 1-in-30 rule as part of Senate Bill 1177.

SB 1177, if passed, would prohibit purchasing more than one firearm in a 30-day period. This would literally implement mandatory gun rationing in the state.

The petulant Senator obviously couldn’t stand being beaten at his own game, which is why he gutted a bill relating to the payment of school employees to shoehorn in this disastrous, unconstitutional piece of legislation.

FPC is calling on all of our members and supporters to vigorously oppose SB 1177. Send a message to your representatives that your Second Amendment rights WILL NOT BE INFRINGED!