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  • Bill: AB-2362 Firearms dealers conduct of business.
  • Position: Oppose
  • Author: Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrence, District 66)
  • Summary:
    • This bill is now in the CA State Senate
    • CA legislature seeks to impose civil fines on Federal Firearms Licensees for inconsequential errors
    • Up to $3,000 per error
    • Anyone who has ever been a participant in a CA-DOJ audit of an FFL knows how easily this will be weaponized, especially against smaller shops
    • The result will be added costs, even more harassment by the CA-DOJ, and another step towards pushing gun shops out of business

8/31/20 UPDATE - This bill has passed and is now headed to the Governor for signing. IMMEDIATE action is needed to stop it.

Tell Gov. Newsom to VETO this anti-gun bill!