SACRAMENTO, CA (September 26, 2018) — Late this afternoon, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a legislative update that included his action on a number of gun bills.

Gov. Brown has vetoed AB 2888, a massive expansion of the state's "gun violence restraining order" scheme that would have allowed "an employer, a coworker, an employee of a secondary or postsecondary school that the person has attended in the last six months" to seek a court order, without even an adversarial hearing or notice, that would prohibit a person from having any guns or ammunition.

Such orders can and often do result in a follow-up warrant for law enforcement to seize guns and ammo from the subject of a GVRO order. A veto of AB 2888 was a FPC legislative priority consistent with our longstanding opposition to so-called "red flag" or "Extreme Risk Protection Order" laws. You can read FPC's letter of opposition to AB 2888 here.

Additionally, Brown vetoed AB 1927, which would have created a new mandate for the Department of Justice to study and make a recommendation to the Legislature about how the state could establish a "California Do Not Sell List" of people who register to be prevented from buying guns. After months of opposition, FPC was able to see the bill amended from establishing such a list, which had many serious flaws, into the study bill that was vetoed today.

Unfortunately, Brown today signed two bills opposed by FPC. AB 2103 will, effective January 1, 2019, add additional training requirements to California's already-expensive carry license process. Gov. Brown also signed SB 1346, a bill that will add a ban on "bump stocks" and expand the state's definition of illegal "multiburst trigger activator" devices. 

Brown also signed SB 746, which changes some laws related to firearms ownership during a period of prohibition. FPC submitted a letter discussing the need for changes to California law following the Supreme Court's 2015 Henderson v. United States decision.

Last week, Gov. Brown vetoed SB 1424, another bill opposed by FPC.

Today's development leaves a number of bills yet to be signed or vetoed. Those include:

  • SB 1100 - Prohibits sales of firearms or ammo to anyone under 21 years of age with certain exemptions such as law enforcement
  • SB 221 - Bans gun shows at the Cow Palace in Daly City
  • SB 1177 - Limits ALL firearm purchases to 1 every 30 days
  • SB 1200 - Expands GVROs to include magazines
  • AB 3129 - Implements a lifetime ban on firearm ownership by individuals convicted of any misdemeanor domestic violence charge
  • AB 1968 - Implements a lifetime ban on firearm ownership by individuals that have been admitted to a mental health facility more than once in a 1-year period
  • AB 2526 - Allows GVROs to be issued verbally by Judicial Officers
  • AB 1903 - Prohibits the dispensing of gift cards from FFL's for gun buyback programs

Gun owners who wish to defend their rights can encourage Brown to veto gun control bills using FPC's free Grassroots Action tools at