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Summary: Federal lawsuit challenging Maryland "Assault Weapons" ban as unconstitutional under the Second Amendment

Plaintiffs: Dominic Bianchi; David Snope; Micah Schaefer; Field Traders LLC; Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC); Second Amendment Foundation; Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Defendants: Brian E. Frosh, Attorney General of Maryland; Col. Woodrow W. Jones III, Sheriff of Baltimore County, Maryland; Jim Fredericks, Sheriff of Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Litigation Counsel: Nicole J. Moss, John D. Ohlendorf, Peter A. Patterson, and David H. Thompson of Cooper & Kirk; Raymond M. DiGuiseppe; FPC Director of Legal Strategy Adam Kraut.

Docket: D. MD case no. 1:20-cv-03495, Fourth Circuit case no. 21-1255 | CourtListener Docket

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Key Events & Filings:

2021-9-17: Opinion

2021-6-2: Brief of Appellees

2021-4-19: Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants

2021-3-5: Notice of Appeal

2021-3-4: Order Dismissing Complaint and Closing Case

2021-2-19: Response to Order to Show Cause

2021-2-16: Order to Show Cause

2021-1-29: Answer of Defendants

2020-12-1: Complaint

News Releases:

2021-4-21: FPC Files Opening Brief in Challenge to Maryland “Assault Weapons” Ban

2021-3-4: FPC Challenge to Maryland’s “Assault Weapons” Ban Quickly Moves Up to Court of Appeals

2020-12-1: FPC Files Lawsuit Challenging Maryland “Assault Weapons” Ban as Unconstitutional