Law-abiding Californians have a serious new problem, but you probably haven’t heard about it yet thanks to the mainstream media.

In 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a dangerous bill into law that allows law enforcement officers and family members to ask a court to take away a person’s Second Amendment gun rights without warning.

But anti-gun legislators in Sacramento aren’t stopping there.


Now, Assemblymember Phil Ting (D–San Francisco) wants to expand that law and allow your employer, co-workers, counselor, or even a teacher or college professor to take away your Second Amendment rights—and force police to confiscate your firearms.

You heard that right.

If the anti-gun Democrats in the California State Legislature pass Ting’s Assembly Bill (AB) 2607, even your boss can have the SWAT team raid your house and confiscate your lawfully-possessed firearms and ammunition.

The pro-gun nonprofit advocacy team at Firearms Policy Coalition is working nonstop to defeat AB 2607, but we need YOUR HELP to STOP AB 2607 before it becomes your nightmare.

When you sign our petition against AB 2607, our team will communicate your opposition to the Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown.

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