Via WND: 

A student whose recruitment drive last year for a Young Americans for Liberty chapter included a gun-rights sign is getting paid $50,000 by a college, which also is revising its restrictive speech policies, according to officials with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

The settlement came about in a dispute involving Blinn College in Texas.

The civil-rights organization filed a lawsuit after student Nicole Sanders, while recruiting for the conservative students group, was told she needed a special permit for a gun-rights sign.

No guns. No ammunition. Just a sign that said, “Defend Guns Rights on Campus.”

The settlement calls for the payment of $50,000 to the student as well as for the college to change its policies so that they now comply with the First Amendment.

“I truly hope that the legacy of this case will make Blinn a place where free speech rights are both exercised by students and protected by the administration,” Sanders said in a statement released by FIRE.

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