Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said on Twitter that senators were working to undermine progress on Second Amendment issues over the past decade. He called it outrageous.

“Senators want to give additional hospitals, agencies, and universities new blanket exemptions from their duty to defend you,” Kobach wrote. “Entities have a duty to defend you when they prevent you from defending yourself. A sticker on the door protects no one.”

Via The Wichita Eagle: 

Kansas will soon allow guns in public hospitals, in state-run psychiatric hospitals and on public college campuses unless the Legislature changes the law – an outcome that is far from certain.

A Senate debate over a bill that would have put some restrictions in place ended without a vote on Tuesday. Senators chose instead to send the bill back to committee in the hope that it can reach a compromise.

The debate came as some lawmakers push for changes before July 1. After that date, public hospitals, state psychiatric hospitals and college campuses will no longer be able to prohibit concealed weapons.

Before voting to send House Bill 2278 back to the Senate’s budget committee, senators had amended the bill to allow individuals with concealed carry permits to take weapons into hospitals, while barring patients at psychiatric facilities from having them.

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