We’ve warned about the “West Coast Wall” of gun control that progressives don’t just fantasize about creating, but are actively, systematically bringing to pass.

The term originated with Washington Ceasefire Board President Ralph Fascitelli. Fascitelli’s group has teamed with Oregon Ceasefire and Equal Rights Washington, and their immediate goal is to “Ban Sales of New Assault Weapons on West Coast and Limit Ammunition Magazine Clips.”

They have firm allies in Washington AG Bob Ferguson and Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Ferguson has already declared that he will push for bans on “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines” in 2017, and Gov. Brown listed a large capacity magazine ban on her legislative wish list for the next session.

But that’s just the beginning. Their fantasy is to bring California-style gun control to Washington and Oregon and to create so many rules and regulations that the Second Amendment is a hollow right. The Seattle Times wrote [emphasis added]:

Fascitelli said he hopes Oregon and Washington will join California, whose governor recently signed legislation that further limits sale of common and popular sporting rifles. He also hopes that if a “West Coast Wall” happens, it will serve as a national example.

Instead of calling their proposals what they are – burdens on the exercise of a fundamental right – they state they simply want “common sense” gun control which will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and children. 

In reality, their fantasy looks a lot like totalitarianism. They want to dictate you exactly which types of guns you may or may not own, how many you may own, when they may be purchased, and what you can do with them. Oh, and they’re going to track your every Second Amendment-related move.

Let’s see what this looks like legislatively. 

They dictate which type of gun you may own (or what features it may have) and track compliance with the following:

✔= existing, ◎ = proposed by gun control groups or politicians CA WA OR
“Assault weapons” ban
Mandate certain technologies (microstamping or “smart guns”)  
Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale    
Registration of firearms ✔* ✔*
“Large capacity” magazine ban

✔* Partial : 
Oregon State Police Keep can keep transaction data for 5 years and have been ordered by Governor Kate Brown to use this data to “determine if purchase patterns exist thus warranting appropriate investigations” . Washington requires reporting of handgun sales and for records to retained for a specific period of time. 

They restrict access through:

✔= existing, ◎ = proposed by gun control groups or politicians CA WA OR
Permit to purchase handgun or long gun  
Safety Certificate/training required *
Extended waiting periods  
Background checks on private gun sales
“May Issue “ Concealed Carry    
Ammo purchase permit    
Increasing fees/bureaucracy for Concealed Carry Permit  
Gun violence restraining orders
Expanding Prohibitions to non-violent misdemeanors  
Rationing Firearms Purchases  
Onerous loan/transfer regulations 
“Gun free zones” on campuses ✔**

* Proposed WA bill requires special training and permit to purchase an “assault weapon.” 

**The campus carry in OR technically allows concealed carry holders to carry, though many schools and colleges post signs stating it’s a gun free zone.

All of these proposals merely mask the true intent, which is to get rid of all guns, because if guns and even the word “GUN” didn’t exist, we could all live in peace and harmony forever (in their naive minds). In fact, one judge in Oregon let his mask slip and ranted that if he could, he would throw all the guns in the ocean. 

In their reality, results don’t matter. It doesn’t matter that none of these have been found to be effective, especially the assault weapons ban

As you can see, California leads the way in the number of gun control laws that have been enacted. Gun control groups in Washington and Oregon envision bringing every last bit of these laws – and then some – to their states, completing the “West Coast Wall.”

These groups have been surveying the landscape and building footers for their wall for years. In our next installment, we will show you the money trail leading from Bloomberg and his band of billionaire constitutional terrorists to “grassroots” organizations in Washington and Oregon, and how that has led to construction of the West Coast Wall.