We told you they were going to do this.

During debates on SB 1006, Sen. Wolk (D-Davis) and her anti-gun supporters argued that funding a California Firearm Violence Research Center at UC Davis would be a non-biased approach to finding “gun violence” solutions.

They said it would produce strictly scientific research and that the researchers would not hold one side over the other. FPC opposed this measure as it had no safeguards against becoming a taxpayer-funded propaganda machine.

We were able to KILL SB 1006 before it reached the Governor’s desk.

Unfortunately, they were still able to pass this legislation through a secretive budget process that had hardly any public input.

Now, UC President and former Obama administration crony Janet Napolitano has announced that the newly-funded California Firearm Violence Research Center will be housed at the UC Davis Sacramento Campus under the direction of Dr. Garen Wintemute.

If you haven’t heard of him, he is the researcher that donated $1 million of his own money to promote research that has been used to undermine our civil rights.

He’s also the researcher that the website Nature labeled as “The Gun Fighter” for his anti-gun research.

Talk about “unbiased.”

The state will literally be paying top dollar for propaganda that’s no more scientific than stories you find in supermarket tabloids.

Not only will they – or, more correctly, you – be paying for it, but they will use it as the base of their gun-grabbing policies.

I can just hear the debates now: “If The Center determined that you need to turn in all of your guns, then they must be right.”

They will shove this propaganda down our throats bill after bill, year after year.

We need you to help us fight back.

Our goal is to hold them accountable for every red cent that they use.

The state will not hold them accountable for anything.

In fact, they are literally giving welfare to an anti-gun elitist who has probably wasted all of his money to fund this propaganda.