Two anti-gun bills FPC and our supporters have repeatedly contacted Nevada legislators about died Friday when they weren’t acted on by a committee deadline.

One of them was Sen. Ratti’s “Extended Protection Order” bill, SB 387, which would have allowed ex parte (secret) court hearings to determine if a person was “high risk” and strip them of their Second Amendment rights for up to a year - and one of the elements of being high risk was merely owning a gun.

This is a huge victory for fundamental rights!

Bloomberg-funded groups have targeted Nevada, and this type of legislation (which also known as a gun violence restraining order) is their hot topic this year. Though it passed the Senate, that they couldn’t get it out of committee in the Assembly is a big blow to Bloomberg.

The other bill that died was SB 115, which would have expanded the number of gun free zones in Nevada. The anti-gunners’ theory is if they can’t fully do away with the Second Amendment, they’ll create so many gun free zones that no one can exercise that right.

These victories show that your activism DOES make a difference. Your phone calls and emails were effective in showing your legislators that Nevadans will not sit back and let an astroturf movement led by a New York billionaire dictate what their rights will be.

If you can, please help our legislative team score even more pro-gun victories by getting us to our $3,000 weekly goal. We’ll even enter you into a giveaway for a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield!