Firearms Policy Coalition president Brandon Combs called the state's gun-control policies "bipolar."

"On one hand, the State is requiring people to register virtually all of their guns," Combs said. "On the other hand, the DOJ is doing everything it can to suppress compliance and prevent people from registering their guns."

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

A number of gun-rights groups joined forces to file a lawsuit against California's latest assault weapons regulations on Thursday.

The Second Amendment Foundation, Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Firearms Policy Foundation joined with a number of individual California residents to sue the state's attorney general. The suit, Holt et. al. v. Becerra et. al., alleged the way California's Department of Justice implemented new gun regulations was unlawful. It said the process by which the department broadened the definition of what the state considers an illegal "assault weapon" sought to avoid a mandated public comment period in a way that renders the underlying regulations unenforceable.

"The Department of Justice has pushed through a broad set of ‘assault weapons' regulations through the state Office of Administrative Law without any oversight or public input," the Second Amendment Foundation said in a release. "As a result, the state DOJ has essentially revamped California's regulatory scheme."

Alan Gottlieb, the group's founder, said the lawsuit was necessary to protect the rights of gun-owning Californians from bureaucratic overreach.

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