This Tuesday was a good day for the Second Amendment in Washington state.

Gov. Jay Inslee signed SB 5260 which included a repeal of the governor’s own “emergency powers” ability. This ability allowed the governor to unilaterally ban the carrying of firearms outside the home.

If you remember hearing about this before, it’s because Sen. Lynda Wilson attempted to add this repeal supported by FPC and many others to a previous bill last year. However, a floor vote on the amendment was not allowed and it killed the bill and the repeal attempt.

Thanks to the bill sponsor, Sen. Hans Zeiger, this year the repeal was included and passed.

Repealing this law was an important victory because trying to strike down this law in a legal battle would have been nearly impossible due to the legal formality of establishing standing.

We here at FPC would like to thank Sen. Zeiger for his efforts in passing SB 5260; but also, we want to thank you, our supporters, for helping us to make way for solid 2A legislation like this to be passed in Washington state.

The passing of SB 5260 proves that wherever we sow the seeds of discourse the roots of freedom will eventually grow, even in the most inhospitable of places.

We hope that you will help us continue to grow freedom across the nation.