Gotta pump up those rookie numbers. 

Via Vox: 

America has a lot of guns. Really — a lot.

A new analysis from the Small Arms Survey, a gun research group based in Geneva, Switzerland, estimated civilian gun ownership by country using a mix of surveys, data from federal registries, expert opinions, and other research methods. It found that the US has by far the highest rates of civilian gun ownership in the world.

According to the data, the US has 120.5 guns per 100 residents in 2017 — meaning more guns than people. Yemen came second to the US with 52.8 guns per 100 residents, or less than half the US figure. The highly developed country closest to the US was Canada at 34.7.

In total, the Small Arms Survey estimated that there were 857 million civilian-held firearms in the world at the end of 2017. The US accounted for around 45 percent of those guns.

Here’s a chart of the top 25 countries in terms of civilian gun ownership:

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