Last week, we told you about VA Republican Majority Leader Norment's turncoat maneuver in support of gun control.

This tyrant legislator betrayed his oath of office by proposing to ban firearms in state and local government buildings, and along with Gov. Ralph "KKK" Northam, set the stage for an "emergency" gun debate in the Legislature.

Fortunately, since then, the Virginia GOP majority whip, Sen. Stanley, resigned in protest, and Norment has withdrawn his anti-gun bill. Virginia lawmakers even managed to put an abrupt end to the state's gun control forum. Thus, for now at least, Virginia won't have to face a multitude of anti-gun measures that would have crippled the Second Amendment.

As a stronghold of gun rights on the east coast, this attempt at gun control in Virginia is of great concern. Capitalizing on tragedy almost allowed gun controllers to conquer yet another state and this brush with Constitutional death shows us how vicious and all-encompassing this fight over liberty has become. No longer is it restricted to one party or a handful of states. Politicians everywhere at every level of government have began to "test the waters" of gun control legislation.

It is up to grassroots movements and true gun rights supporters to continue to lobby for gun rights and push back these tyrannical policies. In a time when gun control comes from both the major parties, no threat is too small and all gun control must be adamantly opposed regardless one's own party affiliation,

We at FPC will continue our lobbying efforts while also making sure to fight in the courts with our lawsuits and by filing more amicus briefs. We're already lobbying hard on Capitol Hill and suing the tyrants in court over these kinds of travesties and we will keep up the fight!



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