Good news out of Sacramento.

With only one day left to spare, Governor Jerry Brown has signed the last pro-gun bill on his desk.

SB 443, by Senator Holly Mitchell, reforms current civil asset forfeiture laws which allow law enforcement to permanently seize your property, including your firearms, without due process.

As a civil rights organization that represents the interests of some of the most regulated, tracked, and legislated classes of people, we believe it is imperative that our supporters have access to their constitutionally guaranteed private property and due process rights.

That is why we have supported this contentious bill in the Legislature and it is why we actively fought to have Governor Brown sign it.

When I say we, I mean YOU.

Your petitions and calls to the Assembly, Senate and Governor Brown were the reason that the Governor acted in the manner he did.

Without your support, SB 443 could not have been signed into law, and it would not have made it out of the Legislature.

Thanks to you, we are all protected from having our property permanently seized without a conviction.

It has been a rough year.

But we finish off the legislative session on a high note.

Now we need to ensure that Governor Brown keeps this same approach starting in December when the Legislature is back.