Thanks to the Grassroots Army, Asm. Levine's Gun & Ammo Tax (AB 18) has been defeated by being "held in committee."

This is a HUGE win for CA gun owners, as the legislation would have imposed an additional tax on the purchase of semiautomatic firearms and ammunition.

The tyrants had hoped to price you out of your fundamental rights, but thanks to you and FPC's Grassroots Advocacy, they were stopped cold. 

This proves that despite California's political anti-gun majority, it is still possible to sway your representatives by taking action.

Unfortunately, there are still many anti-gun bills moving through the Capitol. And many more are sure to be introduced this legislative session.

So please be sure to check back with us regularly, as we'll have frequent updates on gun legislation and more opportunities to take action.

And, if you can, consider clicking this link and making a contribution to help fund more pro-gun victories like FPC's AB 18 win.