As you know, California Assemblymember Eric Linder (R-Corona) had been actively pushing AB 2510, which sought to create a modern CCW, but lacked much-needed protections for CCW holders.

Since its introduction, we have been working tirelessly in order to fix it.

But thanks to your calls, emails, petitions and pressure, Linder has amended his bill.

As such, Firearms Policy Coalition will be dropping our opposition to AB 2510 as the bill now represents a good faith effort by the proponents to find common ground.

The effort to amend AB 2510 has been long.

But it would not have been won without you.

These new amendments will go a long way to creating a modern-yet-uniform carry permit that will make carrying safer.

Again, we all worked hard at FPC to get this done, but it is the grassroots pressure that finally forced this fix.

2016 has been a long year thus far for the Second Amendment.

You should be proud of yourself on helping to score a victory for it!