Tim Kaine is a key piece in Hillary's plan to take out the Second Amendment.

Via Vice News:

If they win, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will be in a position to pursue an agenda on guns that would have been unthinkable even to Democrats just a few years ago. And they plan to do it using new language on gun safety that puts the NRA on the defense...

...If Democrats are going to get new gun laws passed in a Clinton administration, they’ll need guys like Kaine to make their case.

The “Gun Violence Prevention” section of HillaryClinton.com calls for laws expanding background checks on gun purchases, says “weapons of war have no place on our streets,” and promises to “take on the gun lobby.”

This was a big part of Clinton’s campaign during the primary, when she sought to draw contrasts with Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. Sanders, a senator from gun-loving Vermont, cast some votes that the NRA liked, creating a natural line of attack for Clinton during the battle for Democratic primary voters, who overwhelmingly support gun control.

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