We need you to CALL Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick RIGHT NOW and urge him to bring HB 1935 up for a vote. 

The bill repeals "illegal knives" from Texas statute HB 1935 passed the Texas House 131-1, was favorably reported out of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, and recommended for the Senate Local and Uncontested calendar.

By any measure the bill is in good shape to pass, however due to political tensions unrelated to HB1935 in the Texas legislature things have slowed to a snails pace, and the clock is ticking and will run out at midnight tonight Austin Texas time. 

So if HB1935 is not heard by Midnight tonight, it is dead!

Remember Lt. Governor Patrick likely supports HB1935, but has to prioritize hundreds of bills tonight, so be respectful and simply say to whomever answers: "I am calling to respectfully request the Lt. Governor please bring HB1935 up for a vote as soon as possible, thank you."

You will then likely be shunted to a line to leave a message, which you also need to do there, BUT the important thing is they will be keeping track of the calls on the bill. 
Lt Governor Patrick's number is: (512) 463-0001

Don't let this important bill die. Take action NOW!