Thanks to a massive influx of petitions and calls from gun rights supporters, the House has decided to push back their vote on the anti-gun package.

But now we need to make sure we hold their feet to the fire.

The second-most powerful man in Congress, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, is a Californian and it is HIS job to listen to US.

President Obama and his gun grabbing cronies would like House leadership to hand them a chainsaw to shred your civil rights.

But even though we scored a minor victory with a delay in the vote, House leadership, at any time, can call a vote to advance Obama’s unconstitutional agenda by growing the police state and EMPOWERING his justice department to take your GUNS AWAY FROM YOU.

This is critical.

Why? Any day now, the House could vote on a bill to create even more “lists” created by unelected bureaucrats in armored compounds in Virginia that strip rights away from law-abiding gun owners from all over the country.

These lists do not have any due process associated with them and you will not know who is on them until you go to fly or buy a firearm.

This even happened to a Republican Congressman!

And who’s in charge of these “lists?” It’s none other than Obama’s corrupt Attorney General, who just allowed Crooked Hillary Clinton get away with breaking the law, AGAIN!

The people gave Republicans both chambers in Congress in order to halt President Obama’s unconstitutional agenda. We cannot let them give Obama WHAT HE WANTS.

Make sure Rep. McCarthy hears your voice.

Sign our petition that to tell him “stand firm against Obama’s anti gun agenda.”

Then tell him yourself by calling: (202) 225-2915

The vote can come any day now.

The time is now. Let’s seize it.