A man’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes. And people should be able to protect their homes - including our most precious asset, our families - against intruders without fear of a lawsuit.

Some Nevada politicians are trying to change that. They think that you should be financially liable for any injuries they sustain when you defend yourself -- even in your home.

Does that sound convoluted? It is. And, it’s ridiculous. If someone is invading your home, the last thing you should be thinking about is being sued if you use force to defend yourself or your family.

Senate Bill 254 removes the provision in Nevada law protecting people from civil liability when they justifiably use potentially deadly force against a person who is injured or killed while invading their home.

We need YOU to tell them, “I have a right to defend myself against criminals!”

Senators, here’s a thought: Actions have consequences. When a criminal decides to invade someone else’s property, they just might get hurt or killed as a result - and the criminal’s the only one to blame.

Contact your legislators today and tell them you oppose this attempt to value the rights of criminals over the rights of law abiding gun owners.