Since Donald Trump’s election the anti-gunners have doubled down on their efforts, launching assaults on our rights with more determination and conviction than ever. Since the election bans on commonly-used firearms have been introduced at the state level, as in Washington State, and Governors have used their executive authority to attack our rights like Oregon’s recent ban on state employees exercising their Second Amendment rights while on the job.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Civilian disarmament proponents have a plans to attack the West Coast and the rest of the nation, whittling away at the right to keep and bear arms by a thousand cuts. They have recruited an army of attorneys to make sure it succeeds.

We thought they were unrelenting and devious before, but nanny state believers are now desperate. And we all know what desperation does to people.

Many gun owners believe that since Trump was elected our worries are over. Don’t get us wrong - with Trump’s election we have hope that significant gains can be made to restore Second Amendment rights. However, it’s not an overnight or uncomplicated process.

The most immediate impact President Trump can have is by rolling back Barack Obama’s anti-gun executive orders, actions and regulations.

Trump will also be appointing a Supreme Court justice and a number of federal judges. Each nominee must be confirmed by the United States Senate, and while the GOP majority makes confirmation of each one likely, it’s not guaranteed, and it’s not guaranteed to happen in an expeditious manner. Once those judges are on the bench, they can’t simply create law. They have to rule on a specific case that has come before them, cases which have probably been in the system for years. There are a number of Second Amendment cases working their way through the judicial process, though, and the prospect that there will be more pro-rights judges appointed to the bench is extremely important and encouraging.

Where anti-gunners are concentrating their efforts, though, is on state-level laws, and Trump can’t just reverse those with a tweet. 

This is where YOU come in. YOU are your hope and change. This is the time for those who treasure fundamental rights, especially Second Amendment rights, to band together and work harder than ever, since we do have allies in Congress and will have them in the judiciary.

Don't wait for someone else to do it. Just like in other aspects of your life, you have to take this on as a challenge. Any meaningful accomplishment you’ve had in life was due to your own efforts. This is no different.

We are as committed to the battle as we have always been, and are energized that we’re now in an environment where our efforts can pay off. Together, we will make the most of the next four years in our quest to restore the fundamental liberties that have been lost.