Some Republicans still abide by the Constitution. 

Via the Times Reporter: 

A bill containing six gun proposals from a bipartisan panel Kasich formed is causing House Republicans “a lot of consternation,” said new Speaker Ryan Smith, R-Bidwell.

Rep. Michael Henne, R-Clayton, who has had National Rifle Association support in the past and was endorsed in 2016 by the Buckeye Firearms Association, introduced the bill in April, saying, “No one should have any objections to this. This is just sensible stuff.”

But his fellow Republican legislators remain loath to pass any type of gun restrictions.

“There is no gun law in America that’s going to stop a lot of this,” said Smith, who was elected as House speaker two weeks ago following a contentious fight within the House GOP caucus. “Criminals don’t abide by the law, by their very nature.”

Meeting with the media Tuesday, Smith said there might be some parts of the bill that can get caucus support, something Henne planned to address with his colleagues when they met Tuesday night behind closed doors.

“It’s not that we’re insensitive to it or don’t want to do something on it,” Smith said. “It’s just that people are very protective of the Second Amendment.”

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