Don't ever let anyone tell you that your calls, petitions, donations and activism don't make a difference.

Although, Governor Brown signed six anti-gun bills last week, because of you we have successfully killed TEN anti-gun bills since the start of the legislative session.

That number is higher than the amount of anti-gun bills introduced for the entire year of 2015!

It has been an all out assault on our rights so far in 2016. But there is still one more month of session so don't let your guard down yet.

The bills you have helped us kill are:

  • SB 894, which would have criminalized the late or non-reporting of stolen firearms;
  • SB 1006, which would have created a bogus gun violence research center;
  • SB 1037, would have made non-violent firearms related crimes, such as forgetting to fill out your paperwork properly, “continuing offenses,” thus akin to capital murder;
  • AB 650, which served as a backup to the bullet button bans;
  • AB 1663, which would have banned common and cherished rifles like the M1 Carbine and the Mini-14;
  • AB 1673, which would have applied the definition of firearms to things that are not firearms;
  • AB 1674, which would have banned more than one gun purchase at a time;
  • AB 1681, which would have put the private cell phone data of gun owners at risk;
  • AB 2459, which would have put every single gun store in the state out of business by forcing them to purchase a non-existent, pricey insurance policy;
  • and AB 2607, which would have allowed your co-workers, boss or therapist to strip away your gun rights via a Gun Violence Restraining Order.

Don't think we're done yet!

There is still another month of the Legislative session when they come back from their break.

And more than a dozen anti-gun bills are still left alive.

We've made a huge impact, but we can't stand down now.