California’s legislators have been on a summer recess for the past few weeks, but will return Monday for a frenzied few weeks in which they’ll take up remaining bills.

For the state’s law-abiding gun owners, there are still a number of bills* to be concerned about, including:

AB 7, which further bans open carry in California; 

AB 424, which deletes the authority of a school district’s  authority to provide written permission for a person to possess a firearm within a school zone;

AB 736, which increases fines on gun dealers;

SB 464, which imposes costly security requirements on gun stores;

SB 497, which expands the 1 in 30 days purchase restriction to include all guns; and

SB 536, which guarantees anti-gun researchers access to information regarding gun violence restraining orders. 

And there are a couple of pro-gun bills to support:

SB 393 - Allows a person who has been arrested of a crime but not convicted to have the arrest expunged

SB 21 - Requires public agencies to have a published policy on use of surveillance

This is not the time for us to let our guard down or become complacent.Please ensure that we have the necessary resources to track these bills, keep you informed, and, most importantly, fight for you at the Capitol.

*Some of these bills have hearings next week, and others are either on the Assembly or Senate floor. To contact your representatives about these bills, click the link for that bill to be directed to our “take action” page.