They did it again...

A day after Senate and Assembly Democrats "gutted and amended" 4 bills in the Senate that were stalled and changed them into 4 brand new, ANTI-GUN measures... They "gutted and amended" a stalled bill in the Assembly and transformed it into an another ANTI-GUN measure.

Yes, you read that right, they took another bill that had nothing to do with guns and converted it into an infringing anti-gun bill.

SB 650, which originally dealt with gambling, has been converted into an "assault weapons" ban. It is now authored by Senators Hall and Glazer.

SB 650 would immediately ban and force the registration of millions of semi-automatic weapons in common use and protected under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

With guns sales and the shooting sports hitting new heights, SB 650 will result in potentially millions of firearms being taken off the shelves for sale, out of estates for bequests and ban the lawful transfer of collections and firearms.

This insane bill will create overnight felons for mere possession, transfer, transport or inheritance of common, protected items, creating criminal liability for residents and visitors.

In gutting and amending the bill, they have skiped having to push this bill through the Senate and are half way closer to the Governor's desk.

That's why we need your help RIGHT NOW to fight this bill!

We expect it to be heard very soon, without hardly any notice, in an effort to avoid your input.

Make your voice heard!