So disarming law-abiding citizens doesn't reduce gun violence? Shocking. 

Via the Sentinel: 

About the program: Gun buybacks are programs in which local governments purchase firearms from private residents. The residents voluntarily sell the guns to the local government, and guns are typically purchased regardless of registration, type of firearm or condition.

The aim is to get people with illicitly owned firearms that may otherwise be used in violence to turn them over and to allow their disposal so they don’t wind up on the black market.

National Institute of Justice Rating: The National Institute of Justice has not rated gun buybacks, but a body of research has shown they are ineffective at removing guns from the illicit market or reducing gun violence...

...The guns purchased during gun buybacks are not ones that were are likely to be used in an act of gun violence, according to Jeff Asher, a crime analyst based in New Orleans.

“Whose guns are you getting?” Asher said. “It’s the same concept of most gun enforcement. The key to reducing gun violence is understanding that only a tiny percentage of a city’s population is going to be engaged in gun violence. If you’re buying back 60-year-old revolvers from grandpa who’s looking to make $100, it’s just not effective.”

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