We all know that the court battles over the Second Amendment are often some of the most important fights that we can wage as gun owners and activists.

In states such as California, New York, Illinois, and Connecticut, legal challenges are often the only method of recourse for gun owners that have been hammered with laws and regulations by anti-gun Legislatures and Governors.

These are certainly not a waste of time and we’ve seen some vitally important victories for the Second Amendment via litigation and lawsuit. Every gun owner in the country knows about DC v. Heller and the equally important McDonald v. Chicago, but there are more cases out there that need to be won!

FPC has multiple suits challenging a myriad of anti-2A laws and regulations including bans on so-called “large capacity” magazines, city and statewide bans on tasers and stun guns, and of course, our most recent case, Holt v. Becerra, which challenges California’s “Assault Weapon” regulations!

That’s why we’re organizing a special push to raise $15,000 to fund our legal team and make sure that they have the resources they need to keep fighting the battle against the anti-gunners in our legal system.

Donate today and fund the fight to save the Second Amendment in the courts!

This is an absolutely critical part of the gun rights movement.

Legislation is important and it certainly needs to be tracked, analyzed, and lobbied, but the courts are truly where the Second Amendment will either survive and thrive or fall and be written out of existence.

Donate to FPC today and let’s beat the anti-gunners in court tomorrow!


And as a special thank you for your generous donation, we’ll automatically enter you into our giveaway for a DP-12 shotgun!

We know gun giveaways are a lot of fun, but we have to stress that this is a very serious topic.

Our legal battles are really one of the most important things that FPC does, which is why we need to step up the pressure today and make sure we have a great start to 2018 so we can rack up some strong wins for the Second Amendment in the courts!

Contribute to our legal team today in order to save the Second Amendment tomorrow and let’s sue the anti-gunners and stop them from demolishing your civil rights!