Misguided is an understatement... 

Alan Boinus for The Hill writes:

Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) recently announced that they are bringing back “smart gun mandate” legislation with their proposed, “Handgun Trigger Safety Act.”   The bill would mandate all guns manufactured in the U.S. incorporate smart gun technology within five years of the bill’s enactment and all guns distributed in commerce incorporate the technology (including retrofitting existing guns) after ten years of the bill’s enactment.

….What is particularly confounding is why this bill was introduced in the first place, let alone, re-introduced.  While there are some aspects worth salvaging (such as R&D grants), the positive aspects are sadly undermined by the continual and misguided venture into mandates that has had the net effect of retarding tech development, subverting the markets and dissuading investment.

….One would think that politicians learned the lesson of smart gun mandate legislation after the infamous and failed New Jersey “smart gun” mandate law became law in 2002.  That law mandates that all guns sold in New Jersey would have to be smart guns after three years of a smart gun becoming commercially available anywhere in the U.S.  The result has been nothing but disastrous for the smart gun industry.

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