We did not lose yesterday.

Sure they passed every single one of the Gunpocalypse bills through their committees.

And they called you vicious and hateful.

And they treated us like we weren’t even human beings.

But all they did was draw a line in the sand.

FPC and our colleagues in the gun rights movement have never been more emboldened by what happened.

We will be the unified front in the war for your Second Amendment rights.

No amount of name calling will dissuade us from continuing to fight for you.

And I have news for the other side. If the best you can throw our way is that we need our mouths washed out with soap… Then you have already lost.

They WILL NOT shut us up. And they WILL NOT shut you up either.

The only way they can win in stripping away the Second Amendment is if we fail to be vocal about it.

It’s not a big secret.

If we don’t put up a fight, they will just roll right over us and pretend like we never existed.

Please, don’t let that happen.

The Gunpocalypse bills are now heading to the Appropriations Committees.