As well they should be.

Via The Daily News: 

 A gun owners group is criticizing a directive by Attorney General Maura Healey that outlaws 3-D plastic guns in Massachusetts, accusing the Democrat of spreading “misinformation” and using the issue to score political points.

Healey’s advisory, issued last week in conjunction with officials in Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration and police chiefs, said plastic firearms are illegal under federal and state law because they are untraceable, do not have serial numbers, and wouldn’t require a background check to print.

The advisory was directed at gun owners who might want to purchase blueprints for weapons, if and when they become downloadable, to be made using 3-D printers.

“Weapons made exclusively from plastic or that otherwise cannot be detected by an X-ray machine or walk-through metal detector are unlawful, as are ‘covert weapons,’ weapons designed to look like something other than a gun,” the notice stated. “They cannot be sold, transferred or possessed.”

Healey’s notice comes on the heels of a federal court order blocking the Trump administration from allowing the release of blueprints for 3-D weapons.

A recent court settlement gave approval to Texas-based Defense Distributed to post online plans for 3-D guns, including semiautomatic AR-15-style weapons. But a federal judge sided with Massachusetts and other states that argued the online blueprints would help criminals and terrorists manufacture weapons.

Jim Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts, accused Healey of playing politics with gun control.

“She’s trying to gin up her political base before the election by spreading fear and misinformation,” Wallace said. “All she’s done is spread panic and fear.”

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