Right before Independence Day, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a load of crazy, dangerous anti-gun legislation.

It was literally Gunpocalypse!

But Governor Brown was just sent one more anti-gun bill that will become law in less than two weeks unless he vetoes it.

The anti-gun AB 857 landed on the Governor's desk yesterday.

The time to act is literally ticking away, and the Governor can sign or veto it at any time.

Let's make sure he gets this one right and vetoes it!

AB 857  requires a person who manufactures or assembles a firearm at home to first apply to the Department of Justice (DOJ) - and pay a fee - for permission to build the firearm.

It also requires that anyone who owns a firearm that does not bear a serial number to apply to the DOJ for a retroactive one.

The Legislature now wants everybody who builds a firearm to be registered in the State gun owner database.

And they now want you to serialize firearms you may have collected in the past for historical, sentimental, or personal reasons.

We know the Governor's phone was ringing off the hook when the last 10 anti-gun bills hit his desk.

And while there may only be one bill left for him to act on at this time right now, we need to put that much pressure on him again.

Sign our petition and call the Governor to oppose AB 857 at 916-445-2841 NOW!