We have fought many battles this year.

Some of them have not gone our way. But, we were able to score some major victories.

Whether it was the bill that would have BANNED all semi-auto rifles like the M1 carbine and Mini-14, the bill that would have mandated video surveillance in ALL areas of a gun store and forced most, if not all, out of business with outrageous insurance requirements, or the bill where your neighbor could’ve turned you in as a “violent” gun owner and had the police raid your home, we made sure that we took the fight to the gun grabbers.

But now all of that might not matter.

Because in one month, the California State Legislature is back in session.

And that means on day one, they will, without a doubt, be reintroducing many of these bills we were able to kill.

So we need to make sure you are in the fight with us!

Before they are fully back in session, we need to figure out how many of our current members and supporters are ready to fight.

That's why we need you to pledge to stand tall against the likes of Kevin de Leon, Kevin McCarty, Evan Low and Hannah-Beth Jackson.

They are probably creating new plans right now on how to pass these bills without getting them voted down in the Legislature. And they can start to introduce these bills starting in ONE MONTH!

That's why our lobbyist Craig DeLuz, Grassroots Director Richard Thomson and the rest of FPC are going to have a massive fight on their hands.

And that's why we need to be sure you have our backs.

Submit your pledge today.

Make sure you are in the fight for the Second Amendment.

And help make sure we have the ammo to strike back at a moment's notice.

The gun grabbers have an unlimited bank account that is tough to compete against.

But we have YOU and that's better than Michael Bloomberg any day of the week.