It may be the summer break for legislators in Sacramento, but that doesn't mean we're taking a break.

In fact, we're more active than ever.

And that is why we need your help to continue to beat back anti-gun legislation under the dome in Sacramento. We can't let them forget that there is a grassroots army of 2A activists pounding on their doors!

Thanks to you we have already been able to kill multiple anti-gun bills in California like AB 264, which would have allowed your gun rights to be taken away for minor crimes, SB 299, which would have further complicated the law as it relates to loaning a firearm, and SB 459, which would have banned firearms related speech in outdoor advertising.

But we still have work to be done.

Please take a few minutes and send an email to California legislators opposing the following bills:

AB 7, which further bans open carry in California; 

AB 424, which completely eliminate campus carry;

AB 736, which increases fines on gun dealers;

AB 1525, which forces gun stores to display Brady Campaign sponsored propaganda; 

SB 464, which imposes costly security requirements on gun stores;

SB 497, which restricts the sale of multiple firearms and only allows for the sale of one firearm every thirty days; and 

SB 536, which guarantees anti-gun researchers access to information regarding gun violence restraining orders. 

After you make your voice heard, please help ensure our legislative program is ready for the onslaught of anti-gun legislation in August by helping to fund our pro-gun legislative program.

We can't do it without you!