Dennis Dietrich, in a letter to The Bulletin writes:

“Felon in possession of a firearm,” the news report said. The Bulletin reported May 22 that Redmond Police arrested three men in connection with a 2014 shooting. All had multiple charges levied against them, and one had an additional one: “felon in possession of a firearm.”

How many times have we heard that phrase? It is often used on the evening news and in the newspapers whenever there is an arrest made for some crime. We have read and heard it so many times it is almost expected when someone is arrested.

But wait. How can felons have firearms? Federal and state law prohibits felons from having firearms. So why do they have them? How can they get them? Why doesn’t the law prohibiting them from having a firearm prevent them from having a firearm?

To answer those questions, you will have to ask the Oregon legislators who recently voted for Senate Bill 941, the Oregon Firearms Safety Act, and our new governor, who just signed it into law.

They believe passing a law requiring or prohibiting something will actually cause it to happen. Like all of its predecessors, this law has a feel-good name but will accomplish nothing except usurp the rights of law-abiding citizens. I have read the new law in its entirety, and while much of it is incomprehensible to the layman as it amends dozens of other laws, the key part of its 20 pages requires a gun dealer to do a background check on most firearm “transfers.”

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