We’re all excited for what seems to be a pro-Second Amendment administration and Congress coming into power come January.

But we have to make it there first.

A lame duck session of Congress, which has returned, will see Obama trying to push his anti-gun agenda one more time before he leaves office.

And if any of our allies in Congress crack, we may get stuck with even more gun control before a Trump administration takes office.

Obama has been trying relentlessly to implement new “smart gun” technology, close what he sees as Federal “loopholes,” and stop law-abiding people from being able to defend themselves.

Even worse, “No Fly, No Buy”, the legislation that will take away your ability to purchase a gun because you’re on a secret government list with no due process, still has massive support on both sides of the aisle -- including campaign statements by President-elect Trump..

That is why we NEED to let Congress and the President know NO NEW GUN CONTROL!

The American people have already spoken, and they voted against the gun grabbers this election.

We can’t allow them to slip their agenda through in the middle of the night.

It is Obama’s last chance to get something done before he sails away into a sea of irrelevancy.

Sign our petition to tell Senate and House leadership NO NEW GUN CONTROL!

We have to hold the line until mid-January.

And we have the momentum.

Let’s make sure we stand together and STOP Congress and Obama from pushing something through in the dead of night.