Maybe the UK will consider something similar in the midst of their "knife-violence" epidemic, or maybe they will ban those "assault weapons", too. 


The Liberal Party in the Australian state of Tasmania is planning to reform some of the state’s extreme firearms laws. The modest changes include doubling the term of Class A and B licenses terms from five to ten years and increasing the license term for class C firearms from one to two years.

Class A licenses cover airguns, .22 rimfire, and break-open shotguns. Class B licenses are most single-shot, double, and manually operated center-fire rifles. Class C license holders can have semi-automatic rifles that hold no more than 10 rounds, and pump-action shotguns. The proposed reforms would allow Class C licenses to have silencers or suppressors...

...The reaction in the Australian national media to the prospect of even slightly relaxing Tasmania’s gun control laws has been spectacular. The media paraded survivors from the Port Arthur massacre, that happened 20+ years ago, across the screen numerous times.

Australia’s primary anti-gun group was given plenty of air time. I recall seeing one person from an Australian shooting association, and perhaps one spokesman from a farmers group. The bias down here in favor of anti-gun views was is every bit as evident as we see in the United States.

I recall one argument that no Australian state could be allowed to reform its gun controls because the laws gave the rest of the world “hope”.  I estimate the anti-gun time compared to time given to those for reforming the law was easily 10 to 1.

The reforms in question are so mild and commonsense it’s hard to argue with them. Unless you’re an ordained hoplophobe. But Tasmania wouldn’t be the first. Queensland has already lengthened the term of their class C license from 1 to 3 years and has had no problems. New Zealand sells suppressors or silencers over the counter to anyone with cash.

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