Chip In $10

Last week we told you about Sen. Julia Ratti’s SB 387 would allow peace officers or immediate family members to request a secret court hearing - without you present - to decide if you should have your firearms rights taken from you.

Gun Violence Restraining Orders are just one more tactic gun grabbers are using in their quest to systematically destroy the Second Amendment.

This bill will be heard TOMORROW, so it’s crucial that your legislators hear from you today!

If SB 387 becomes law, hearsay evidence can be used in a secret hearing (which you won’t know about) to determine whether you’re dangerous and should be deprived of your fundamental rights. Purchasing a gun in the last six months is considered “proof” that you’re up to no good.

Through the entire process, you’re presumed guilty until proven innocent!

Everything about this law turns your fundamental rights upside down. You have no due process, no presumption of innocence, no opportunity to confront witnesses against you, and the court relies on shoddy evidence.

Stand with FPC and tell your legislators that you strongly oppose this attempt to deprive people of their property and fundamental rights without due process.