Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) has a problem with law-abiding people carrying their guns - well, it might rightly be labeled an obsession.

He was a huge proponent of SB 707, which made schools gun-free zones for concealed carry holders and put hundreds of people at risk. Under SB 707, though, local school officials had the authority to opt out of the new restriction, and a small amount of them took advantage of it.

McCarty, a typical Sacramento Democrat, can't stand the thought of people outside the capitol having authority to make a decision about guns. They might allow people to have them! So he introduced AB 424 this year to take away local school officials' authority to allow CCW holders to exercise their rights on campus.

He's on a crusade to eliminate concealed carry - and he must be stopped.

Last year he introduced a bill, AB 466, requiring applicants to PROVE they are at a greater risk of harm than others in order to receive a CCW.

Then, he introduced AB 450, which would have increased CCW permit fees, making it more difficult for working class people to exercise their rights and defend their families.

With the help of our supporters, we DEFEATED these bills last year. And we need your help again NOW to stop McCarty's crusade.

Our rights should not be restricted because some legislator has an odd fetish about law-abiding people having the ability to carry concealed weapons.

AB 424 does absolutely nothing to enhance the safety of California schoolchildren, teachers, or administrators
, but puts the safety of concealed carry permit holders - some of whom have permits because of threats to their safety - at risk.

Contact your legislators right away and tell them you are opposed to this power grab that does nothing to keep children safe.