Again, anti-gun, elitist politicians are using your children in a depraved scheme to rip your rights away.

That’s right. Gutless politicians in Washington, DC are attempting to use children to backdoor a renewal of the federal assault weapons ban! This proposed law BANNING the use of semi-automatic firearms for youth under 16 will give them the opening they are looking for to extend it on YOU.

This conniving plot, known as the HEART Act, would make it a FEDERAL CRIME for you to lend your rifle to your own FLESH AND BLOOD – even for a few moments at the range. As it is currently written, a firearm that was perfectly legal one day would become illegal the next. If you accidentally lend a firearm that’s on the “ban list” to your child, you could end up in FEDERAL prison.

It’s literally the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban with “…an individual under age 16” tacked on at the end. It would clearly define what features make up an “assault rifle” and lists specific guns that are prohibited. It even specifies PARTS of “assault rifles” in the definition and makes it illegal for children to possess them.

Then, a couple years down the road, what’s stopping gun grabbers from amending the bill to remove “under the age 16” and make these restrictions apply to EVERYONE?

This bill is TERRIFYING.

Bone chilling fear aside, this bill would result in the END of competitive youth shooting sports and hunting, thus robbing children of the confidence building achievements in those areas provide and preventing parents from teaching life skills to their children.

We CANNOT let this stand.

Michelle Obama first told you what you could and could not FEED your children. Now gun-grabbers in Congress are telling you how to RAISE YOUR CHILDREN.

We already know government believes they are better parents to your kids than you are. This bill is just one more step in stripping parents of any right they have to teach and guide their children.

I don’t know what’s more disgusting: the attack on civil rights or the attack on parental rights.

Both need to end.


The Senate version of this bill was written by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey while the House of Representative’s version by Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego.

Call Markey at 202-224-2742 and Gallego at 202-225-4065 and tell them to LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONE!